Cricao | Arènes, Toulouse

Arènes, Toulouse


Organized in the frame of european project Colab Quarter

Architecture, culinary design and photography were the heart of this project.

The building of the Cristal is a key element of this district of Toulouse identified « politics of the city / poor neighborhood ». The project was based on the work of Joan Picas, a photographer from Barcelona, ​​who came for a week to photograph about 150 inhabitants thanks to a device called « photobox », a portable photo studio made with a cardboard box and a tripod.

At the same time, Delphine Talbot and Marisella Pachecco worked on the creation of a chocolate bar « le Cristal ». A work that was done in collaboration with the chocolatier of the neighboring district. The packaging was designed to incorporate a crystal logo, created on the occasion with the front, a mosaic of portraits of inhabitants and on the back a portrait of an inhabitant with a phrase said by the latter during the taking the picture. Thus, 300 bars of chocolates were proposed on June 9, of which 150 different ones.

June 9th was the moment when:

– the work of the architects was revealed: a module to do everything (table, discussion space, games ..) that was assembled at the bottom of the building.

– the chocolate bars were revealed, as well as a giant bar 1m50 long, could be decorated with edible paint

– the portraits of the inhabitants were projected on a bar of building perpendicular to that of the Crystal.

PARTNERS : ASSQUOT, Syndicat de co-propriété du Crystal, l’Assat, Europe Creative

CULINARY DESIGNERS : Delphine Talbot (plastician, scenographer) & Marisella Pacheco (plastic designer)

TERRITORY : Arènes, Toulouse

DATE : july the 9th 2018