Cricao | Katchakatch in Colomiers’ Open Forum

Katchakatch in Colomiers’ Open Forum

PROJECT : For this Katchakatcha, as part of Open Forum Colab Quarter, a performance of culinary design on Paleolithic’s theme was propose. This performance is the result of severals workshops from 2018, done with inhabitants from Columerin district of  En Jacca*, in partnership with the citizen’s house.
* En Jacca is an archaeological site dating from the Paleolithic era.

From the Paleolithic several elements were retained : a simple and crude diet, resulting from hunting and gathering. Ritual practices in the caves: pictorial art made of coloring earth, and celebration of Venus, goddess of love.
Mineral, water, earth, vintage are the main scenographic and food materials that make up the creation.

PARTENERS : European Union, Colab Quarter, Cricao, Mistodia, Mescladis, Colomiers, Sochenko 33 and Occitanie Region

CULINARY DESIGNERS : Delphine Talbot (plastician, scenographer) & Marisella Pachecco (plastic designer).

TERRITORY : Hall Comminges, Colomiers

DATE : february the 15th 2019