Cricao | Workshop and performance in Kiev, Ukraine

Workshop and performance in Kiev, Ukraine


Organized in the frame of european project Colab Quarter

From July 26 to August 4, it was on the ground of the Ukrainian partners of Soshenko 33 of the European project Colab Quarter, coordinated by the Misto Diya association, that Katchakatcha took place.

Soshenko 33 is an artist’s residence, an old house surrounded by a lush garden in a neighborhood consisting mainly of individual houses. An island in a city under permanent construction. Soshenko 33 nearly disappeared because of a real estate project that was finally canceled largely thanks to the mobilization of the artists and the inhabitants of the district.

The purpose of the intervention in the framework of Colab Quarter was to mobilize architecture, photography and culinary design, to show the potential of this place in terms of welcoming artists and events and also to highlight the dynamics of territory between the neighbors and the artistic community.

Thus, it is around the organization of a university of architecture that the intervention took place. While the students of the summer school have imagined modules revealing the potential of the places, Téo Vazquez, photographer from Barcelona, ​​created a photographic work by taking pictures of the neighborhood creating direct contacts with the inhabitants. For her part, culinary designer Marisella Pachecco went to cook with some locals to learn local recipes.

Some people are, for the first time, returned to the house of Soshenko 33, coming to visit Marisella in her ephemeral kitchen.

On August 4, after 10 days of residency, the modules were presented as well as the work of Téo Vazquez, while the Ukrainian recipes were presented transformed presented on all the ground of Soshenko 33. The link with the nature was the main theme of this Katchakatcha.

CULINARY DESIGNERS : Marisella Pacheco (plastic designer)

PARTNERS : Colab Quarter, Misto Diya, Soshenko 33, Ville de Toulouse, Institut franÇais

TERRITORY : Kiev, Ukraine

DATE : From 26 july to 04 august 2018